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We are a small UK based team, our aim is to provide Luxurious, Fresh, Natural and Organic Skin Care products as an alternative to large nameless manufacturing companies.

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Your Fresh, Natural and Organic Skin Care journey starts here...


Why is Naturally Queen Bee different?

As a small independent producer we can order small quantities of quality ingredients, we only order what we need, when we need it, this means our products are as fresh as possible when you receive them. Our creams are hand made in small controlled batches, this enables NQB to pay close attention to the detail. We do not hold excessive stock, we are virtually 'making to order'

Naturally Queen Bee Organic Skin Care Ye


What does that mean?

Our base creams are made to COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard), and organic natural oils are added to enrich our creams further.
By trusting in our are creams, you can be certain they are Organic and Natural.


Working with Nature

Eliminating Single use Plastic - we are passionate about NOT using single use plastics, we use either Aluminium or PET 1 grade plastic, both are fully recyclable.

Reducing Waste - we are very careful to keep our waste as low as possible, we only order what we need, when we need it, and we do not keep high stock levels.

Recycling & Re-using - all our packaging is recyclable, if we use any bubble wrapping etc. you can be assued we are re-using what we have been given.


Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, UK

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